MP3 Listening Guide

It's easy to listen to our hypnosis sessions.

All you need to do is get comfortable, and play the downloaded MP3 file you'll get after purchasing. Then just follow the spoken instructions. There’s really nothing else to think about!

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your listening experience:

Comfortable Woman

Make sure you're comfortable

Do all of the normal stuff to make sure you feel comfortable. Relax in a reclined chair, or sit upright in your bed. Wear loose clothing. Visit the bathroom before starting. All of this will help you enjoy a more relaxed, distraction-free experience.


Play it on any device

You can play your hypnosis MP3 session through your computer, or on any device that supports MP3 files - including most modern music systems, MP3 players and phones. This includes the iPod, iPhone, Android and Windows phones. You can even burn the MP3 to a CD to listen on a CD player.

To transfer to an Apple device, simply drag-and-drop the MP3 to your iTunes Library, then sync the device. You listen to the hypnosis sessions with or without headphones.

Woman Chilling Out

Just chill out

When you first start with hypnosis, you might find it hard to relax. You’re too busy ‘listening’ to what is going on. Or you find you have an insistent itch behind your ear, or on your leg - as your mind tries to shake you out of this uncommon feeling of relaxation! Don’t worry about it: just allow whatever happens to happen. If you can, try just to let everything go and enjoy the experience.

Extra Time

Listen more to increase results

The more you listen, the more benefits you’ll get from the session! We suggest that you listen a few times each week until you’re happy with the results you’re getting. Then you can either stop, or just listen once a month to ‘top up’ the benefits.

After your first listen, you are welcome to save time in future by skipping the first five-minutes (or so) of the recording, which provide a full introduction to the session. Feel free to simply fast-forward and listen to the hypnotic part of the recording. You'll be able to recognize when the main hypnosis session begins, as soft, gentle background music will kick in.

Mix and Match

Mix and match, if you like

There are no rules to say you can't use multiple sessions at the same time. If you want to listen to a session on confidence, then a session on stopping smoking, that's great! The results will compound and complement each other. Mix and match, or listen to a single session until you get the results you want. It's entirely up to you.


Remember, it's safe

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about hypnosis. Just remember that it’s a perfectly safe way to help reprogram your mind with positive and empowering thought patterns. You’ll never get ‘stuck’ in a trance, and you can never be made to do anything against your will.


Get ready for results!

You’ll start to notice change from the first time you listen. After a few sessions, you’ll really begin to spot changes in the way you feel. Also, pay attention to what others around you say: sometimes when change comes from the inside, those around you are the first to see it.

Enjoy listening to your session, and we invite you to send us feedback on how you get on, by emailing our team at [email protected].