The Superior Sleep Hypnosis Bundle

Enjoy Quality Sleep Whenever you need it, with Hypnosis
The Superior Sleep Hypnosis Bundle Cover
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Would you like to be able to indulge in a rejuvenating power nap – or enjoy a deeply refreshing, sound night’s sleep? Need a way to maximize the benefits that sleep can bring you?

Sleep is one of the most underrated components of a healthy regime. It boosts your immune system, helps you lose weight and look younger, and supports your mental abilities. Without the proper amount of sleep, everything else becomes that much harder. But sleep can be elusive when you lead a busy lifestyle.

You can take total control of your sleeping habits in just a matter of hours – with help from hypnosis.

Close Your Eyes & Simply Drift Away

The four soothing sessions in the Superior Sleep Hypnosis Bundle will help you develop new routines that will encourage relaxation, lower your anxiety, eliminate stress, and let you sleep when the need arises – at any time of the day or night.

Hypnosis Session 1:

Great Night’s Sleep Every Night

Use hypnosis to help you instantly and effortlessly relax and drift off to dreamland. Learn to doze off on command by resetting your circadian rhythms and banning distractions at bedtime. Enjoy the luxury of a full night’s sleep and develop the skills to relax at will, whenever you need to.

  • Sleep soundly every single night!
  • Dissolve your anxieties and slumber peacefully
  • Enjoy extra energy after a restful, refreshing night’s sleep
Hypnosis Session 2:

Complete Relaxation

Overcome feelings of anxiety and stress, banish tension from your body, and easily fall into deep sleep. Let the day’s distractions simply drift away, as you learn to relax your entire mind and body. Overcome tension, fear, and other negative emotions - so your brain can fully switch off and help you enjoy deep, invigorating peace and relaxation.

  • Truly, deeply relax – right here, right now!
  • Overcome stress, and dissolve tension and anxiety
  • Feel healthier and more chilled out every single day
Hypnosis Session 3:

Overcome Insomnia

Release your insomnia at source. Say goodbye to wakeful nights and sleepy days as you rewire your mind to remove anxious thoughts, banish worry, and relax into sleep. Learn how to trigger a relaxation reflex at bedtime, helping override obsessive thoughts and lull your mind into deep, refreshing sleep.

  • Overcome insomnia once and for all!
  • Enjoy night after night of refreshing, rejuvenating sleep
  • Completely relax and restore your mind and body
Hypnosis Session 4:

Power Nap

Fall asleep anywhere, at any time, with power naps to reenergize and revitalize from the inside out. Doze off for a 20 minute snooze or a longer nap at will as you learn how to relax, let your body shut down, and recharge your batteries. Then, wake up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and raring to go again.

  • Enjoy the benefits of a power nap on demand!
  • Experience deep, reinvigorating rest wherever you are
  • Infuse your body with the energy to meet whatever lies ahead

Download The Superior Sleep Hypnosis Bundle now to discover the ultimate relaxation tool for deep, refreshing, reinvigorating sleep.

Enjoy Quality Sleep Whenever you need it, with Hypnosis!

The Superior Sleep Hypnosis Bundle Cover
The Superior Sleep Hypnosis Bundle

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Enjoy Quality Sleep Whenever you need it, with Hypnosis!

The Superior Sleep Hypnosis Bundle Cover
The Superior Sleep Hypnosis Bundle