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Power Nap

Close Your Eyes & Re-energize, using Hypnosis
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Would you benefit from a quick nap to occasionally recharge your batteries? To be able to give yourself a boost and get back to feeling alert and enthusiastic again?

Napping offers enormous benefits, but most people find it difficult to do. It may be a question of time, or one of not being able to let go and switch off. Yet a quick nap can be as beneficial as a few hours of sleep, helping rejuvenate your body and giving your mind a break from the concerns of everyday life.

Discover the secret power of a quick snooze – with help from hypnosis.

The Ultimate, Fast Energy Booster

The Power Nap hypnosis session will gently coax you into a sound and soothing state of sleep in minutes!

As you listen, the specially-designed hypnosis and NLP session will relax your mind and body into a state of near-sleep to let you experience a quick power nap. You’ll drift off gently as your body shuts down for a short period of blissful, perfect relaxation, boosting your energy reserves from within so you wake up refreshed and raring to go.

Simply download the Power Nap session, slip on your headphones, and listen, to discover how to:

  • Enjoy the benefits of a power nap on demand!
  • Experience deep, reinvigorating rest wherever you are
  • Infuse your body with the energy to meet whatever lies ahead

Download the Power Nap hypnosis session now to enjoy reinvigorating relaxation whenever you need a boost.

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Power Nap Cover
  • 49 mins
  • 70 MB
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