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Deliver Bad News

Convey Difficult Messages Well, with Hypnosis
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Does the thought of delivering bad news to someone fill you with dread? Want to be able to deal with it calmly and without taking it to heart?

Bad news is never welcome, but being the bearer of bad news can be torture. You don’t want to get the blame, or for anyone to get upset or angry with you. Yet the responsibility is yours – even if it results in sadness or grief. So how do you hold yourself together and avoid being hurt?

You can relieve the pressure of breaking bad news – with help from hypnosis.

Deal with Bearing Messages of Misfortune

The Deliver Bad News hypnosis session will help you to lift the burden that comes with passing on messages of foreboding!

As you listen, the potent hypnosis and NLP techniques will work to relieve your stress, helping you steady your nerves and take control of your emotions. You’ll accept the responsibility that goes with the task, knowing that you’re only the messenger. You’ll discover the confidence and tact to pass on the information as simply and sympathetically as possible.

Just download the session, slip on your headphones, and listen, to discover how to:

  • Present bad news calmly and efficiently
  • Recognize the reactions are not personal attacks
  • Be ready to offer moral support and comfort

Download the Deliver Bad News hypnosis session now to take the sting out of sharing difficult news with anyone.

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