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Forgive for Good

Let Bygones Be Bygones, with Hypnosis

Would you like to be able to forgive someone you love? Do you sometimes find it hard to excuse others and let them off the hook, despite how much you want to?

Failing to forgive someone won’t make you feel any better. Bearing a grudge hurts you too, and disappointment can worm its way into your head. You spend your time and energy feeling betrayed, let down, angry and annoyed, when you should be living your life to the full. If only there was a way to put it all behind you and move forward…

There is an easy way to find forgiveness in your heart. It’s called hypnosis.

Learn to Forgive, Once and For All

The Forgive for Good hypnosis session will help you get rid of the grudge-bearing circuits that are holding you back!

As you listen, the special NLP and hypnosis exercises will work to reprogram your brain, helping you let go of the gnawing distrust you feel. You’ll experience a real sense of calm as you allow the anger and negativity simmering beneath the surface to simply fade away, realizing that whatever caused this consternation in the first place is actually no big deal – and that people are what life’s really all about.

Just download this session, slip on your headphones, and listen, to learn how to:

  • Forgive them, once and for all!
  • Cleanse your mind of negativity and bad emotions
  • Erase the past and replace it with positivity
  • Feel release as the weight is lifted from your shoulders

Download the Forgive for Good hypnosis session now to truly wipe the slate clean and get on with your life.

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Written & recorded by J.A. Amos   Written & recorded by J.A. Amos

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Forgive for Good

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Forgive for Good

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Deliver Bad News

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