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Be More Patient

Learn to be Tolerant, with Hypnosis

Do you find yourself getting more and more impatient with the world around you? Want to be able to chill out, let things go, and move on with your life?

They say patience is a virtue, but being virtuous isn’t always as easy as it sounds. You dash from one tense situation to the next, putting out fire after fire. Peace is just a dream, everyone demands your attention, and it’s only natural that you’ll get frustrated and snap at some stage.

But you can learn to improve your patience – with help from hypnosis.

Enjoy a More Stable, Stress-Free Life

The Be More Patient hypnosis session will help you find the inner calm to be at total peace with the world around you!

As you listen, powerful hypnosis and NLP techniques will work to rewire your subconscious, helping to improve your stress management skills. You’ll change the way you think about stress, realizing there’s time to get everything done without taking it out on others. You’ll learn to calm down and wash away the unnecessary sense of urgency that forces you to act out of character.

Simply download the Be More Patient hypnosis session, slip on your headphones, and listen, to discover how to:

  • Develop patience in all areas of your life!
  • Recognize when you need to hurry and when you can take your time
  • Calm your mind and body to enjoy the experience
  • Become aware of yourself, your surroundings, and your needs

Download the Be More Patient hypnosis session now to stop frustrations from ruling your life for good.

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Written & recorded by J.A. Amos   Written & recorded by J.A. Amos

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Be More Patient

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Be More Patient

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Rock-Hard Erection Power

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"Wow! Chilled out with your relaxation session. I fell asleep and woke up so refreshed, I’m going to listen every day. Thanks!"

Tamara Baruhovich, Tools4Abundance.com

"By the end, I felt the same as I might after a professional (and expensive!) NLP session. Hypnosis Live is a winner!"

Peter Merrifield, Etayla.com

"Awesome! The Hypnosis Live collection will bring you the opportunity for change you’ve been seeking. Recommended!"

Stephanie Mulac, StephanieMulac.com

"I’m noticing real, significant change after listening just a couple of times. The Hypnosis Live MP3s work, simple as that!"

Sasha Stephens, Effortless-Sleep.com

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